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Latest Equipment, Cleaner Solutions, and Faster Dry Times Brings You Better Results

KwikDri, a CRI Service Provider, is your solution for a healthier, cleaner indoor environment carpet cleaning company. Being a great carpet cleaner means having complete and total confidence in the people providing those services, and we’re confident that you will be impressed with our professionalism, and with how clean we operate our business and equipment. We strive to use only the best products and equipment leaving you with better results. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed our high standards and our clients’ expectations.



Carpet Cleaning

Satisfaction & Guaranteed Results

As one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the Idaho Falls area, KwikDri offers comprehensive carpet cleaning services for your residence or business. Our years of experience combined with using the latest equipment and dedication to details is why more people are calling our company to get better results in carpet cleaning services.
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Organic Carpet Cleaning

Healthier Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning products that we use are safe and very effective at cleaning your carpets without leaving behind any harmful residue or particulates in the air. Usually residue gets left behind due to carpet cleaners not understanding PH or using  improper cleaning methods. Here at KwikDri, we use safe, proven products that are environmentally sound not only to protect those you love, but also to protect the carpets so that they will last longer and stay fresh and clean longer. Protect your investment!

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Stain and Spot Removal

Accidents Happen

Between your pets, children and guests, your carpets and upholstery take a beating. Accidents from your pet, spills from your children and dirt dragged in on shoes leave behind stains and smells. Not every stain can be removed, but if we are able to remove a spot, we guarantee it will not return. Our cleaning process is designed to give you the longest-lasting results possible. If a spot does resurface, it will usually do so within a few days of the cleaning, BUT we will give you a full 30 Day Guarantee. If any of the same spots reoccur during the first 30 days after the cleaning, call us and we will return to clean them again for FREE.

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Odor Removal

Unfortunately, regular carpet cleaning won't completely remove the toughest stains and smells. Pet mistakes, "not sure what it is" from shoes and spills from family parties, can start a collection of smelly odors that consume the beauty of your home. When tough pet stains and odors are present in your carpet, you need a professional odor and stain removal treatment to clean the problem correctly.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

How about that dirty grout! Keeping your floor clean is an important part of living a healthier cleaner lifestyle, and you do your best to live that lifestyle by cleaning the floor tiles, but the grout just won't come clean in your efforts.
Grout accumulates dirt, grease and other kinds of residue that doesn't come off easily, even after cleaning. When this occurs, we can use our powerful solutions and hot water extraction methods to make that grout look beautiful again!


Small Flood & Water Removal

Water emergencies can cause serious chaos in your home. Excess water and flooding from a sudden natural disaster, water pipe burst, or as simple as a spring snow melt off, can leave your home or basement to major damages to the structure and furnishing of your home. This can potentially pose threats to your overall health. For that small residential flood, we can help you extract the water and structurally dry your carpet and pad to get you back to your "norm".


"I was absolutely thrilled with the job that was done on my carpets. The best job we have had yet. They took the time to get all the stains out such as red punch. I would definitely recommend them to all friends and family. That’s for great service."

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