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The Benefits of Nylon Carpet

When purchasing carpet from a retailer, it can become so confusing.... Some retailer's stock certain styles of carpet, which at times they push you into hoping to increase their margin of profit. I understand why, but it isn't always right when the customer is looking for something that will last the typical wear and tear that a family can bring. Polyester carpets have really begun to do well in our market here in Idaho Falls. There are many benefits to Polyester. For one, it can be much cheaper than a nylon fiber and most polyesters are solution dyed. What does this mean? It means during the manufacturing process the stain/dye went all the way through the fiber much like the color goes all the way through a carrot, and it is almost impossible to stain. The downside to polyester is oily residue or soil can set in and become permanent if not regularly maintained and professionally cleaned. Polyester also does poorly with resiliency, or the ability to not crush or mat down as fast. Nylon not only has better resiliency, but it is awesome when cleaning soil. Unlike polyester, when nylon is professionally cleaned, the soil suspends itself from the fiber and looks almost brand new again. Even when someone neglects the carpet for years.... I don't recommend this:). Most carpet manufacturers recommend you clean your carpet professionally with a CRI Service Provider (Carpet and Rug Institute) every 18 months to stay within the manufacturers warranty. How important is the CRI? Well, let's just say that many major carpet manufacturers won't warranty your carpet unless you follow their procedures, products and services. So, if warranty is a concern to you, you will want to hire the only CRI service provider in Eastern Idaho:) Call KwikDri today and let us help you find solutions for a healthier, cleaner indoor environment!